Kotton Grammer 2018

Kotton Grammer is Ranking just as well in 2018 as in 2017

When OMG 2017 started Kotton Grammer was teaching all of the OMG students how to get a website or video ranked on page 1 of Google.  One of the biggest eye openers of the season was when he asked the members to rank a testimonial video if they had done one.  This became an epic competition between everyone from that class and quite possibly a few other classes from a previous time.  One of the girls did an original dance video with a song she had written herself while some of the guys had some techie videos they had posted to testify that Kotton was indeed all OMG claimed that he was.

One of the best posts that Kotton made was the photo below because it shows how literally, a true entrepreneur really works for no one.  A company can ‘hire’ a SEO to rank their website but truly the ‘Velvet ropes’ that is discussed in one of the sessions with Mike Long gives a new perspective on how to keep anyone from thinking that because they are paying a marketer to do a specific job that the hiring company can consider the SEO their ’employee’.


Kotton Grammer Meme
Kotton Grammer memes about having no boss.

In 2018 all of the OMG rankings that were implemented in 2017 and were followed up on will likely still be dominating that number 1-5 spots and holding tight.  Kotton, Stephen, Joe, Fletch and Greg are constantly testing the boundaries of the business and luckily, OMG members reap the benefits from all of the resources that all of them have and put together to come up with the best strategies to keep moving to the next level.  Build….build….build…..

Our testimonial is below and our rankings are pretty good so far.  Watch…..

The video was made in March of 2017.  This page will stay in the underground of this website and in March of 2018 the rankings can be compared to see if it is true and it still holds the spots that it does at the date of May 1, 2017.  I believe after that time the push will be over from the contest and once the videos have been up a while the ones that stick from the start will likely stay through the next few years.  On another Youtube channel owned by this company there are videos that have reigned number one for over two years.  It will be fun to see if this one will, too.  Check back with our website frequently and see how your business can benefit from our posts.

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